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"What Matters More Than Climbing the Ivy? - 2019 Educational Charity Lecture"

On November 17, 2019, the New York Youth Roundtable, in partnership with the International Leadership Foundation, hosted an educational public lecture in Long Island. The event, aimed at thanking members and supporters for their contributions to charitable causes throughout the year, drew nearly a hundred parents and students from the area.

The event featured two distinguished speakers, Emily Wu, founder of Golden Oak Academy and director at Operation Earth US, and Tim Reilly, admissions officer from Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill and founder of Way Education. They shared invaluable insights on achieving educational excellence and discussed their personal experiences in the field of education.

Emily Wu focused on strategic planning for high school students, outlining a year-by-year plan to help parents and students achieve their educational goals. She encouraged students to step out of their comfort zones and cultivate unique personal traits from freshman to senior year.

Tim Reilly complemented Emily's insights by discussing the shift in elite U.S. university admissions post-2016 reforms. He emphasized the importance of independence, passion, and authentic personal experiences in prospective students, advising parents to foster interest-led learning to enhance their children's proactive engagement with their education.

The event also featured a surprise segment where five experts from the finance and tech sectors shared their career success stories, offering advice on standout job interview tactics, career planning, effective workplace communication, and resilience in adversity.

The atmosphere was interactive and congenial, with frequent engagement between the speakers and the audience. During the Q&A, students eagerly sought advice from the experts. High school student volunteers played a significant role in organizing the event, from setting up the venue and preparing food to acting as junior journalists, photographing, and interviewing the speakers. Their commitment and civic-mindedness were highly praised by both organizers and participants, highlighting the event's success in fostering a supportive and educational community.

比爬藤更重要的是什么? — 2019教育公益讲座


主办方特邀了两位教育专家——金橡树学馆创始人兼青少年野外科考机构Operation Earth US的董事Emily Wu导师,与杜克大学与北卡教堂山大学的招生官兼Way Education的创始人Tim Reilly导师,与听众分享与交流了作为优秀教育工作者的心得体会。另外,活动还精心设置了一个惊喜环节,在两位导师的演讲后,5位金融和科技领域的大咖们上台与听众们分享了他们在职场中的成功经验。





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