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An Evening of Dialogue with Xu Xiaoping and Wu Sheng

Theme: Sino-American Education and Entrepreneurship
Date: April 11, 2018
Location: Manhattan, New York City

Invitation Only

Xu Xiaoping, the founder of ZhenFund and co-founder of New Oriental, has been awarded the title of "Best Angel Investor" for four consecutive years. His influential work spans educational initiatives, career development, and entrepreneurial ventures, particularly inspiring for young students and international scholars.

Wu Sheng, founder of Scenario Lab and initiator of the New Species Program, has played crucial roles in various high-profile ventures, including as a senior executive at and a co-founder of the popular Luoji Siwei media platform. Wu serves as an advisor and guest professor at several top institutions and innovative programs across China.

This event offers young attendees a rare opportunity to engage directly with these industry titans over dinner, gain insights into their successful careers, and discuss potential career and entrepreneurial pathways.

New York Youth Roundtable is committed to fostering leadership and entrepreneurial skills in the next generation through meaningful interactions with established mentors from diverse fields. This meet-up with Xu Xiaoping and Wu Sheng exemplifies our mentorship program's dedication to providing practical, cross-disciplinary, and cross-cultural platforms for industry and entrepreneurial exchanges.

Secure your invitation now for a transformative evening of mentorship, networking, and inspirational dialogue in the heart of New York City.


April 11, 2018, New York City

Invitation Only

2018年4月11日,纽约青年企业家俱乐部(New York Youth Roundtable),将在曼哈顿举行以“中美教育与创业”为主题的徐小平与吴声见面会,为参会的年轻人提供了与业界泰斗同席就餐,自由交谈,一对一交流的机会。






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