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Excellence Is a Habit

Excellence is a Habit - An Evening with Investment Titans

Date: March 2017
Location: Manhattan, New York

Join us for an exclusive evening where the mantra "Excellence is a habit" comes to life. This March, New York Youth Roundtable invites you to a special event featuring face-to-face interactions with top-tier mentors from the investment world.

Prepare for an unforgettable night as we host a private session with two of Beijing's investment giants, Yu Hai Song and Yu Long Wen, along with New York's esteemed mentors, Gondo Jun and Yang Jian Yuan. Dive into the riveting narratives of China's internet and investment scene over recent years, enriched by firsthand anecdotes and light-hearted banter among the speakers.

Highlights of the Evening:

  • Yu Hai Song, an angel investor in and chairman of Ruoshui Joint Investment, will humorously share why his decision to invest in was based solely on his trust in Liu Qiangdong's character and capabilities. Delve into intriguing tales from Liu's college days, including his coding ventures that made him the richest man on campus.

  • Yu Long Wen, former Director of Organization and Office Head at Everbright Group, now Chairman of Taiyou Fund, will discuss his journey from a government official to a beacon in the investment world. With a focus on partnering with the best talents, using mathematical models to optimize investment returns, and valuing the character of the investees, Yu's approach to investment is uniquely principled and visionary.

The evening will not only focus on their personal journeys and investment strategies but also cover lively discussions on trending topics such as space colonization, the rise of blockchain from Bitcoin, current investment trends, and sustainable social projects like electric bicycles.

This exclusive event promises deep insights into the practices that define excellence in the investment field and a lively dialogue on issues shaping our society and future.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage with the minds shaping the finance and innovation world. Reserve your spot today and join a conversation that could redefine your understanding of excellence and success.





纽约青年企业家俱乐部一些核心会员与两位来自投资界的大鳄级导师在曼哈顿举行了一次不公开的分享与会谈。 来自北京的宋宇海和余龙文把近几年在中国互联网及投资界相传的惊心动魄的商界轶事淡然直叙,精彩纷呈,加上在场的纽约的两位导师冈栋俊和杨建元不时的插科打诨,整个晚上时而沉静严肃,时而笑声连连。




而另一位导师余龙文是原光大集团组织部长、办公厅主任,现泰友基金董事长。从“部长”到投资界,余老师坚持学习,了解不同领域的最新发展,“和最优秀的人做事”。他对于社会发展和人类未来的关注,使得他的投资“独树一帜”。他认为: 优秀是一种习惯,而这让他的投资有三大特点:1. 投资最优秀的人才,2.用数学和模式来最大限度的让投资效益最大化,3. 看中被投资人的人品。        




纽约青年企业家俱乐部 (New York Youth Roundtable) 于2015年在纽约成立,宗旨为“开拓创新,传承互助”,关注教育并重在培养青年人的“企业家精神”。俱乐部汇聚了有理想和社会责任感的各界领袖,包括杰出企业家、经理人、社区领袖、及各行业的专业人士。

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