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Champions for Charity®

How can luxury be imbued with greater taste?

Linking brand names with philanthropy can add a special significance to luxury items.

From December 1st to 3rd, you are invited to participate in the "Champions for Charity" event at Americana Manhasset on Long Island. By choosing to donate to the New York Youth Roundtable, you can help nurture the next generation of leaders.

Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza are Long Island's most iconic luxury shopping destinations, hosting hundreds of fashion brands—making them prime locations for holiday shopping. This year, they continue their 27-year tradition of hosting the "Champions for Charity" event.

During the event (December 1st to 3rd), 25% of your purchases will be donated to the charity of your choice, offering a perfect blend of shopping and giving back. Register for a free CHAMPION card to direct donations to the New York Youth Roundtable.

How to Register for a CHAMPION Card:

  • Online at or by phone at 800-818-6767.

  • In-person at the south side of Americana Manhasset, between the Vince Camuto and Theory stores.

  • Or, register on the day of your shopping at the information desk at Americana Manhasset.

"When you make a purchase, present your CHAMPION card to receive the benefits." The New York Young Entrepreneur Roundtable will benefit from your generous support.

Register for your Champion Number (It’s free) at 

and present it at the time of each purchase.


Americana Manhasset
2060 Northern Boulevard
Manhasset, NY 11030
United States








12月1号到3号,您可以参加长岛Americana Manhasset 举办的“慈善冠军活动”,



Americana Manhasset和Wheatley Plaza购物中心是长岛最具标志性的两间高档购物中心,汇聚了几百个时尚品牌,是在圣诞新年购物季的上佳目的地。它们今年将会继续举办已经有27年历史的“慈善冠军活动”(Champion for Charity)。




免费注册CHAMPION卡,在购物期间,如指定纽约青年企业家俱乐部(New York Youth Roundtable)为所选慈善机构,并在示CHAMPION卡, 纽约青年企业家俱乐部将能获得您的捐助。


  1. 在 网站上或通过电话 800-818-6767注册申请

  2. 或前往位于Americana Manhasset的南侧, 介与Vince Camuto店与Theory店之间的资讯处注册申请;

  3. 或于购物当日在Americana Manhasset的资讯处申请


Americana Manhasset's Champions for Charity® is December 1-3, 2022!   25% of your designated full-price, pre-tax purchases can be donated back to us!

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