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"Little Financial Guru" Program

Date: November 17, 2017

Location: Wall Street, New York City

Join us as financial leaders guide our youth through the thrilling world of finance. Our journey includes visits to some of the most prestigious financial landmarks:

  • Federal Reserve Bank of NY: Discover the secrets of the massive gold vaults where international wealth is stored.

  • Goldman Sachs Global Headquarters: Step into the bustling trading floors and get a first-hand look at the high-stakes world of stock trading.

  • Federal Hall: Walk through the historic site where George Washington took the oath of office.

  • Wall Street Bull and Fearless Girl Sculptures: Learn about the symbols of financial perseverance and market optimism.


The "Little Financial Guru" Program is crafted to enlighten young participants about finance through direct exposure and engaging activities that bring Wall Street's vibrant history and operations to life. This event aims to educate and inspire a new generation of financial enthusiasts.

Due to overwhelming demand, registration filled up quickly after the announcement. If you're interested in joining future events or want more information about our enlightening financial education series, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Don't miss out on future opportunities to turn curiosity into knowledge—stay tuned for more engaging and educational experiences from the New York Youth Roundtable.



2017年11月17日,纽约青年企业家俱乐部精心呈现了“启蒙活动”系列的首个项目“小小金融家”。活动时长半日,由金融界领袖带领青少年团深入体验华尔街,行程包括纽约联储银行(Federal Reserve Bank of NY),高盛银行的全球总部(Goldman Sachs),联邦大厅(Federal Hall),华尔街铜牛和无畏的小女孩雕塑等。项目旨在运用体验式的学习原理,为青少年进行金融启蒙,让他们对通过切身体会对华尔街产生感性的认识。活动消息一出即收到了踊跃报名,迅速满员。

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