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2024 Spring Educational Exchange Series II: Strategies for Gaining Admission to America's Dream Universities

New York Youth Roundtable successfully hosted its second session in the 2024 Spring Education Exchange Series, focusing on "Strategies for Entering America's Dream Universities." The event, attended by numerous high school students and parents from the New York area, aimed to provide insights into effectively applying to top universities.

The session featured Dr. Jamie Beaton, a successful entrepreneur who has been admitted to 25 top institutions, including Harvard and Cambridge. Dr. Beaton shared his personal experiences and educational insights, emphasizing the importance of discovering personal interests and strengths, creating personalized application strategies, and the significance of self-exploration and growth during the educational journey.

The event included one-on-one Q&A sessions, offering tailored advice to ensure practical guidance for all attendees. Dr. Jamie Beaton highlighted the importance of exploring personal potential and building future pathways, sparking participants' enthusiasm for academic pursuits and personal development.


会议特邀嘉宾为成功企业家,曾获得包括哈佛、剑桥等25所美国和英国顶尖高校录取的Dr. Jamie Beaton,分享了其个人经验和对教育的见解。本次活动侧重于如何发掘学生个人兴趣与特长,制定个性化的申请策略,并强调了教育过程中自我探索和成长的重要性,目的是让学生为将来在自己热爱的领域内创造价值做好准备。



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